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Next Weekend, pop-up at the Cross Lances in Hounslow, London - details below!
Our hot selling album "Seven" is available here on our website or iTunes, Spotify and too many other places to mention.  Many thanks to all who have already bought it.
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The Zarrs 'pop-up' at the Cross Lances
Hounslow, London
9pm Friday December 2nd


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"The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship..."
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"They’re called The ZARRS.  They're brilliant... and the room is theirs"

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The ZARRS - Eddie Lee (Vocals & Guitar), Davie Galt (Guitar), Nicole Rowe (Sax), Andreas Millns (Keyboards), Francis Ovie (Keyboards), Chris Miller (Bass Guitar), Steve J Jones (Drums)
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"...similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian..."


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They’re called The ZARRS. They’re brilliant... they play bluesy rock and the crowd is theirs.  The Matt Foster Blog - Dublin Castle Gig Review 18 Aug. 2011

The ZARRS – For those of you looking for a current band with that classic rock/pop rock sound this one is for you!  This six member band from London, UK sounds great and their music really backs up their claim of being “ultra-accessible”.  Similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian.
From PaperBlog - Nov 28, 2012

The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship, great chorus lines, interesting subject material and a live performance, which doesn’t fail to get you shakin’ your thang!
Full article at  The Music Press - Feb 3, 2012

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Curiously Curious Yellow and other things. 

Hey - great to see you here again!  Well, seems we've had an oddly disjointed time lately but things seemed to be settling down nicely as we approached one of our favourite gigs at Curious Yellow Weekend and I was lucky to get to the festival site in Herts. early enough to hear the excellent Lem and the Whitefire's set.  We cross paths with Lem and her band quite often and it's always fun.  If you get a chance to see her, don't miss it the music's great and the performance always hits the spot.. 

I have to say, Curious Yellow 2016 was one of the weirdest (but nice) gigs we've ever played and a lot of firsts happened - one, it was the first time we'd ever played from inside a teepee - I'd have to say not your normal size teepee, a very big teepee in fact - which looked a bit odd until we got onto the stage and then it felt really good.  Like playing in a cocoon or a womb or something lol.  Turned out great though and very intimate with the audience - which brings us onto the second 'first' which was our excellent keyboardist Francis Ovie being approached in the middle of a keyboard solo by a member of the audience who had obviously had a really good weekend and questioned about I don't know what - I must find out - for a few seconds.  Francis, to his immense credit, answered the guy's question and played through without dropping a note!  Pretty cool Francis (as usual)  :-)

The third and by far the best weirdness was being brought beers halfway through our set by excellent Curious Yellow promoter Daniel James and the best bit of that being the beers were delivered in a wheelbarrow!  How well that man knows The Zarrs' drinking habits!  So it turned out to be a really great Sunday evening and we're so glad to have been able to play and I'd like to thank our fans that turned up and supported us and thanks to Dan for booking us again. 

Other than that there's not must to report.  We're playing another pop up gig at a West London watering hole on Saturday the 23rd of July and finally stuff is on the move with the series of central London gigs that we'd be working towards for it seems ages.  More news on that later.  As for now, I'll just say thanks for visiting and don't leave before listening to some great Zarrs sounds over on our music page.

Bye for now and keep in touch.