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Our latest album "Seven" is now available on iTunes, Spotify and too many other outlets to mention.  Much gratitude is given to all of you who bought it here on our website tho'.  Your support makes all the difference - not least because we get all the money to make our next album :-)

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The O2 Academy Islington
Friday 4th December at 8.45pm

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"The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship..."

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"They’re called The ZARRS.  They're brilliant... and the room is theirs"

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That you can download a FREE TRACK from the new album "Seven"
That The Zarrs have already agreed to play three festivals in 2015?  Details to follow...
That The Zarrs are
taking a short break from gigging to write new songs to record in Montpellier in the south of France in May 2015?

The ZARRS - Eddie Lee (Vocals & Guitar), Dave Galt (Guitar), Nicole Rowe (Sax), Francis Ovie (Keyboards), Chris Miller (Bass Guitar)
"...similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian..."


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What The Papers Say

They’re called The ZARRS. They’re brilliant... they play bluesy rock and the crowd is theirs.  The Matt Foster Blog - Dublin Castle Gig Review 18 Aug. 2011

The ZARRS – For those of you looking for a current band with that classic rock/pop rock sound this one is for you!  This six member band from London, UK sounds great and their music really backs up their claim of being “ultra-accessible”.  Similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian.
From PaperBlog - Nov 28, 2012

The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship, great chorus lines, interesting subject material and a live performance, which doesn’t fail to get you shakin’ your thang!
Full article at  The Music Press - Feb 3, 2012


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Been a while... 

It certainly has been a while - Christmas Eve 2014 to be exact since our last blog and although you'll have noticed we've not been playing out there at all we've been pretty busy in the studio integrating guitarist, Gordon Wilkinson into our lineup and expanding our playlist to include our own new songs and a few from other writers and bands that we like including Tom Petty, CCR and the Stones that suit our vibe.  All good fun rockin' stuff - get you on your feet stuff, you know?  You may just find you'll love our live shows even more than before!

Just a reminder that although you haven't seen us about lately you can still listen to The Zarrs (for free) on our music page and you should check out our gigs page for details and tickets (at Zarrs members reduced price sometimes) - although that page is a little barren at the moment it'll be filling up really fast now with dates in and out of London over the coming months. 

We start with our yearly visit to Curious Yellow Weekend - a great family weekend festival from Friday July 3rd to Sunday the 5th (The Zarrs play Sunday) and tickets are available here at a special reduced Zarrs members price and each ticket purchase is accompanied by a free "Seven" CD!  A deal that is just too good to miss!  Just a note - the CYW website is password protected.  Just email us here and we'll mail it on to you.  It's a great weekend so don't miss it :-)

We have some other exciting events planned, too including supporting name bands some of you will actually have heard of lol and important charity fundraisers including one for LAM Action - maybe of special interest to The Zarrs female fans.  Check out their web page here.  They've also got other fun things you might like to do. 

Future gig details will appear in your mailbox when you join The Zarrs membership - you can join almost anywhere on our website and also keep up with what's on with The Zarrs so check in regularly and PLEASE share our music with everyone you know (it's easy, just press the little arrow that appears by each song and email, Facebook or Tweet it).  You never know, they might like it as much as you and it really helps us spread the music.

Anyhow that's it for now.  Thanks for your great support - without you, we're just singing in the shower :-)