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"The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship..."

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"They’re called The ZARRS.  They're brilliant... and the room is theirs"

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The ZARRS - Eddie Lee (Vocals & Guitar), John Lazos (Guitar), Nicole Rowe (Sax), Francis Ovie (Keyboards), Chris Miller (Bass Guitar) and Steve J Jones (Drums)
"...similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian..."


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They’re called The ZARRS. They’re brilliant... they play bluesy rock and the crowd is theirs.  The Matt Foster Blog - Dublin Castle Gig Review 18 Aug. 2011

The ZARRS – For those of you looking for a current band with that classic rock/pop rock sound this one is for you!  This six member band from London, UK sounds great and their music really backs up their claim of being “ultra-accessible”.  Similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian.
From PaperBlog - Nov 28, 2012

The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship, great chorus lines, interesting subject material and a live performance, which doesn’t fail to get you shakin’ your thang!
Full article at  The Music Press - Feb 3, 2012


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2 days in 

Well, we're two days into the release of our new album "Seven" and the response has been amazing.  Startling.  The number of website visitors streaming the new album from the music page is through the roof and the comments we're receiving from listeners are great.  Thank you for taking the trouble to let us know how much you like the songs.  What's more, the number of people buying the album after listening to it on the music page is really gratifying - as well as amazing.  Thank you so much.  As you know, every purchase goes towards funding the next Zarrs recordings so it really helps massively.

We even just put a poll up and we're asking listeners to tell us which of the songs from "Seven" they like best so CLICK HERE to head over to the music page and take a listen to the songs and let us know what you think.

Also we've got the very first item for sale in our Bazarr from our new "Shirt On Your Back" initiative to help artists.  The idea is to have artists (young, not so young, new or established) submit designs with an obvious or subtle Zarrs reference and we'll market them on our website (and anywhere else we can) as T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs etc. and the artists receive a chunk of the profits.

The first one we have up is from past Zarrs sax gal Emma Hames and is really great.  You can check out her beautiful hand drawn design if you CLICK HERE and our other merchandise if you CLICK HERE.

That's it - so CLICK HERE to head over to the music page and listen to "Seven" and don't forget, we really want to know what you think.

PS - and don't forget your FREE download for listening :-)

So Here We Are... 

I should say "here we are... at last!"  One day away from the release of our new album "Seven" on August 7th and after all the effort and time spent (not to mention the money) working really hard to make this album the best we can, I'm really excited about it.  It's odd how, being so involved in the everyday creation and building of something you can forget to appreciate exactly what has happened around you and what you and especially the amazing individual talents that make up The Zarrs have actually achieved.

I made a decision at the very beginning that the recording quality had to match the amazing musicianship that my fellow band members bring to the process and, thanks to the excellent skills of Jason Emberton at the Lone Pine Studios in London, I think we got there.   And I'm excited and I hope you will be, too.

Sure there are lots of new recordings out there - hell, there's a miliion new releases everyday of some kind or another lol - and some may be even better songs or at least songs some people will like more and that's perfectly natural but I doubt there are many better indie releases from a sheer musical ability and variety of skills perspective as well as technical quality.

It's not a massively long album - the clue's in the title "Seven" - but there's good variety (and I think quality) in the songs we chose to record and, because we made a high quality recording it cost a lot of money so I have a favour to ask...

If you like a song, or even two - or hopefully the whole album - even if you don't buy it yourselves please tell your friends to check it out and maybe give them a nudge to spend about a half of what they would on their daily coffee on route to the office and buy that track from our website because it's only through yours and their support that The Zarrs - or anyone else for that matter - can continue to make music that you enjoy.

Thanks for your support over the years and hopefully you'll like some of our present offering then you can tell your friends that you "just heard a fantastic song/album and you should really get a copy" :-)  That's how we grow - all together.

Have a great day and hopefully see you at The Zarrs website on and around August 7th!

Eddie Lee of The Zarrs