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"The Zarrs are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship..."

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They’re called The Zarrs. They’re brilliant... they play bluesy rock and the crowd is theirs.  The Matt Foster Blog - Dublin Castle Gig Review 

The Zarrs – For those of you looking for a current band with that classic rock/pop rock sound this one is for you!  This six member band from London, UK sounds great and their music really backs up their claim of being “ultra-accessible”.  Similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian.
From PaperBlog 

The Zarrs are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship, great chorus lines, interesting subject material and a live performance, which doesn’t fail to get you shakin’ your thang!
Full article at  The Music Press